Sunday, August 18, 2013

H A L F W A Y!!!

I can hardly believe it is only half way, I feel like that makes the baby sound so far away! But non the less it is an accomplishment we have a long way's till baby will arrive but I am sure most of it will fly by. I am just so happy being pregnant right now, so many fun things to do and I am finally in the "feeling amazing" stage. Trying to enjoy this stage as much as possible before I get huge, hot and exhausted.

We are totally in love with this little girl! If only I could pick a name...

How far along are you? 20 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Can't go without them! Although I can still fit lots of my non-maternity tops on they aren't very flatter and full in all the wrong places. 

Sleep: Having a hard time sleeping, between mid night snack, peeing, and the aching pain in my sides I mostly toss and turn all night.

Best moments: Feeling the baby move, and best of all kick! She rarely kicks, but Taylor has been lucky to feel her kick. He felt 3 big kicks this morning! So amazing to share together.

Missing anything? Mostly sleep right now.

Movement? Yes! Mostly when I am laying on my back before bed late at night, or early in the morning.

Food Cravings: I am eating a ton of food right now, I am usually hungry all day every day so I'll take anything! Craving donuts, but haven't had a single one.

Queasy or Sick? Only when I get too hungry, or I smell something gross.

Gender: Having a girl!!

Symptoms: Hungry all the time, and my hips have had better days! One day last week I couldn't even walk normal. My sides get all achy, like someone has punched me while I am sleeping.

Belly Button in or Out? In, but getting shallow!

Happy or Moody? Very Happy!!

Looking Forward to: Seeing the baby during my 20 week ultra sound in two days.
Also putting together the nursery next week with my Mom
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