Friday, August 24, 2012

The Big Two 'O'

No I am not turning 20 today... but I did hit a big goal!
This means I get to go jean shopping :)

I have now lost 20 pounds

I can't believe I had all that on me!? When I pick up a 20lb weight in the gym and felt how heavy it is... it's a lot of weight. It took me four months but I feel so invigorated for finally getting to this point. My next goal is to lose another 5lbs and then I think I will be right where I want to be.

Since losing the weight I have lost inches, slimmed down a lot, I am the same size of pants when I was 17, but the greatest part is I feel better, healthier and my constant neck pain and headaches I used to have are gone! My husband compliments me a lot more, and it so proud of me for being so dedicated to being healthy. I am on my way to being a healthy mother which is my ultimate goal.

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Yeah! So proud of you! My turn next, first step, get this baby out of me, i can't wait to hold it!