Sunday, August 19, 2012

Echo Lake

This is Elijah, I believe he is currently the youngest of the crew. Hard to keep track of all the babies in our family! He was the one who helped me through my hard time while visiting my family. He was always smiling at me and cuddling with me. Seriously made my day, how can I resist having babies when they bring so much joy into our lives. Also trails but hey I've got those and no kids there is no skipping out on those no matter what path in life you choose.

I really mastered the surf board in only two days this summer. I already knew how but it felt good to finally get up and do great after a year.

This is our caveman child Oliver eating ribs - most 1 year olds eat like that right?!?

Elijah taking a nap on me, and about to lick me while sleeping haha Ahhh I just love all these kids so much!

The Lake

Doing nails on a cloudy afternoon with the girls!

Echo Lake is such an amazing place, I love being there. The water, the boat, the warm air that never gets tooo hot. My family! Loving and supporting me - it was wonderful to have all my family around me while I was going through such a hard trial. At one point in the weekend they all just huddled around me and held me until I stopped crying. My Nephew and Niece who are the oldest prayed for me and told me they loved me. I have an amazing family!

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