Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quick Side Dishes

These can be a great compliment to so many different dishes.

Almond Wild Rice

You will Need:
90 sec Bag of Wild Rice (Or you can make your own, but I love the quick microwave bags)

Make your wild rice, slice up some almonds and stir. This seams so short and simple why even blog about it? Well it takes blah wild rice and makes me want to eat plates full of it. The hardest part of eating healthy is finding ways to make new foods desirable. So go ahead try it!!

Sesame Seed Asparagus
(My all time favourite veggie!)

You will Need:
A Lemon or Lime
Olive Oil
Sesame Seeds

1. In your fry pan put a little bit of Olive Oil and put your asparagus in there and let is cook. I never time it so to be honest I have no clue for how long but you want it to still be crunchy!
2. Once you feel it is done squeeze 1/2 of your lemon or lime over top then sprinkle some sesame seeds stir it around and serve, so simple and mouth watering you'll think to yourself it could be from a restaurant.

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