Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes!"

After watching the new foot loose (if you have not yet, hurry, common go!) I begged Taylor to take my out country dancing. They movie just had me itching for some country rhythms! So he surprised me by taking me to Grizzly Rose Saloon where they teach dance lessons. Last week we did line dancing and this week we did a couples triple step. Next week were going line dancing again! New weekly date, so much fun and we break a sweat while doing it. I was very impressed with how well my little honey dances too!

These Boots were Made for Dancin

Laughed so loud when this happen. Double flash and the first one was a tad to bright for him ahah 

The Dancing floor - Where all the fun happens :)

Arn't his blue eyes so handsome!

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