Saturday, November 19, 2011

Omelet of Champions

My new all time favourite Omelet that doesn't leave you filled with grease from too much cheese and meat!

You will Need:
Diced Carrots
Sliced Mushrooms
Egg Whites
1 Whole Egg
Low Fat Cheese
Warm Fat-Free Refried Beans (Yes, I'm serious)
Olive Oil

I didn't really measure while making this so just use the right amount for how big you want your omelet.

1. Add a little bit of Olive oil to your pan and toss in your mushrooms and carrots. Cook until you carrots are tender.
2. Wisk together your egg and egg whites and then add to pan. Once your Omelet is cooked sprinkle a tiny bit of cheese on top (remember this is supposed to be healthy so easy on the cheese trust me it won't need a lot!)
3. Remove from pan and spread your warmed Refried Beans on top and fold in half to keep all the yummy stuff on top warm. Then Enjoy!

Also if you need a little meat, fry up some Jenny-O turkey bacon, it is so much yummier then real bacon and a lot less fat.
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