Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Paper Ornaments

Ever girl that walks into our little apartments comments on these adorable paper ornaments!

Our tree when it was done bring decorated!
Light: k-mart
Ornaments: Dollar store, Walmart, and homemade!

Sorry I did not take pictures of the making process but it is so easy, sooo easy! If you've noticed I'v been all about the quickest crafts ever! Although if you plan on making a lot of them like I did it takes a long time.

You'll Need:
Scrap booking paper (Double sided best)
Scissors/Paper cutter

1. Cut your paper. (If its not double sided it will still work, but you can see inside and so it looks much better if there is a pattern/colour inside and outside). You will want to cut a lot of little strips. Half inch wide and four inches long is what I did. You will need six for one ornament.

2. Take your glue (glue gun works best) and two strips of paper. Glue their ends together so that it looks like a circle. 

3. Take you're remaining four pieces of paper and glue them to the top and bottom of your circle to make a round ornament like shown below!

4. Tie you're string or thread on, then hang on tree. Enjoy the compliments!

Note: I feel like this was so simple, that I had a hard time explain it! Once you make one I am sure you will understand what I am saying, they are so easy and cute.

Happy Crafting :)
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