Sunday, December 5, 2010

Welcome to Idaho - I dance in a barn!

My Mother put me in Ballet when I was a little girl, then when we loved to a new city I stopped for a little but then started up again at this amazing studio in a town close by. I grew to love ballet, I started pointe, got accepted into the Alberta Ballet summer workshop were I did ballet for 5 hours everyday but sunday for a month. I grew so much in dance and later preformed a pointe solo. I was in love with my pointe shoes. Then I got mono in college had to drop my ballet class and haven't been back since.. Yesterday!

Taylor drove my out to my first ballet class yesterday, it seamed that we were driving out to the middle of a field and he joked that maybe my class was in a barn. Funny right? Well then we pulled up to a barn... we must be lost. I called the dance studio and told them we were lost and she said its in a barn, just go the the side door. Shocked we walked to the side door and opened it, to see a tractor! We walked up this tiny old wooden staircase and sure enough upstairs was a dance floor. These was a women dancing in boots, interesting. I then shed my clothes and put on my ballet slipper. I then understood why she was wearing boots, I thought my toes were going to fall off the floor was so cold.

The class was interesting, and I was dying. I didn't realize how out of shape I had gotten with my year and a half off of dance. I started remember how much I loved ballet and it was a little depressing because I felt silly with how much my dancing had gone down hill since my last competition. This morning I woke up with the sorest body in the world, it's rebelling against me. It hurts, to walk and move my neck and pretty much do anything! Two years ago that dance class would have been a cake walk.

I am now on a Journey to get my dance legs back.

The day I won "Most Promising Dancer Award"

All my Dance girlies and our toes!
My first pointe solo!
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