Friday, December 24, 2010

Making your bed in seconds!

I don't know about the rest of you but I hate putting the duvet and the duvet cover back together. You put it in and you're trying to hold onto the edges and shake it all at the same time and if you let go the corner gets lost in the middle.

Maybe its just me and I'm terrible at making the bed, but its just something I don't like! But there is something that makes it so much easier, I finally did this last night. I sewed ribbons on the inside of my cover and then on the outside of my duvet so that you just tie them together. Then shake and the top stayed right where its supposed too!

You'll need:
Duvet and Cover
Sewing machine
Ribbed Ribbon

1. Cut 4 pieces ribbon into 7-8 inch strips and then take a match to the edges to avoid fraying

2. Pin your ribbon into the top corner of your duvet cover. Repeat in the next top corner.

3. Pin your ribbon into the top corner of your duvet, repeat for the next corner.

4. Sew down and make sure to back stitch. I did mine back and forth a couple times so that it was in there strong and tight.

5. Tie your ribbons from you duvet and duvet cover together and then your duvet will never slide down to the bottom while you're sleeping, or Making the Bed!!

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