Sunday, December 19, 2010

Flower Ribbon Shirt

You will need:
A plain shirt you don't wear often
Sewing Machine
Something to make your shirt with (washable)

I had a shirt that was olive green, fits great, modest, makes me eyes pop - but nothing on it, so plain and boring. But a good shirt, so I added some girly flower power to it and now its cute, still neutral and looks great with my favourite grey cardigan.

Forgive my terrible photos, and the fact that you can still see the marker on my shirt!
(Hope it washes out! It was written in Japanese so I couldn't tell) 

First I drew my flower onto my shirt, and then I sewed the flower on roughly the same as the drawing. It was harder then it looked!

Then I sewed the ribbon on to make the flower but slightly off so that you can see the sewn flower, and the ribbon flower. Then wash to get marker, pencil or whatever you used out.

Please excuse my sweats and slippers! I have been really really sick. But I promise it looks so cute with jeans and a cardigan.

I was featered for this shirt over at Flamingo Toes, and I realized that I totally forgot to give her the true credit for this. It was her blog that I got my idea from! Sorry about that
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