Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mae. Meet Canada!

Mae finally went to Canada for her first time. It was so fun to show her off and let her meet all her aunts, uncles, cousins, and a bunch more people.

This is with her little cousin Malakai born 4 weeks before her. Ashley and I, were married at the same time and pregnant at the same time (however this is her second baby.)

The older cousins loved "Baby Mae" and were so cute with her.

Mae got the chance to meet her grate grandma. Very special moment, I was so glad they could meet eachother and hopefully they have another chance again this summer.

We visited Alexanders grave, my older brother. Mae was named after him and my grandfather, both I never got a chance to know on earth but I know we were friends in heaven. I wanted Mae's name to come from family and it reminds me what a blessing life is.

All the Grandkids below.

Mae loves looking up at me, she is really mastering eye contact and when I look back at her she gets the biggest grin it melts my hear!

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