Monday, March 31, 2014

The Golden Polka Dot

I have been working on opening a new etsy shop! Since having a little girl I have fallen in love with all these cute flower headbands. I feel like she needs one for every outfit, so I started looking around and fell in love with too many to choose from then I got the idea. What if you could swap out the flowers with different bands making the options endless and then you can make what you have work for any little outfit.

Velcro was the answer! So I bought some materials and made a couple, and I felt like they were the perfect thing. I have seen clips with headbands but those always stick up too high. With the velcro it allows the flower to lay flat while still being interchangeable.

Velcro Headbands

But I also wanted to do more then just a plain flower so I also have some other options in the shop, here are three of my favorites!

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