Saturday, April 19, 2014

Feather Feet Inc

So you guys probably remember when I made my own moccs a couple months ago and I have had soooo many people ask for my pattern or for me to make them some. My pattern size was so off, not to mention I didn't use real leather, and these little baby shoes are hard, hard, hard to make. I don't want to do it again. But my friend Sam bless her sole {get it!?}, sews until her little fingers bleed to make these beautiful genuine leather moccs. I'm talking buttery, smooth leather! For only $20! So worth it, and I recommend every baby have a pair, Mae has two pairs and it's just the start!

This is little Miss Mae rocking her Platinum moccs. I got a size 2 which is 3-6 months and they fit her with a little room to grow. I was trying to decide between the Platinum and Gold, I obviously went with the Platinum and I LOVE them. It's like a creamy metallic, and has a hint of gold in them. Seriously such a dreamy colour.

 Here is the Lemon Yellow. I'm super happy with this colour as well, not as versatile as the Platinum but with spring, and colour mixing right now they go with most everything as well. These are a size 3 which I believe is 6-11 months and they are pretty big on her! Since she is only 3 months, so I would say they run true to size. If your nervous about getting the wrong size I would size up. Stick socks on them to fill out the extra room and then they last longer.
Okay she is crossing her legs in this first picture it just kills me!
Want amazing leather moccs for only $20-$22 bucks!
and don't forget to follow her on instagram @featherfeetinc

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