Monday, April 28, 2014

Blessing Day

You guys I am posting this so late and now I'v lost my mojo to write a lot about this but the blessing was so wonderful. I want to thank all the friends and family for coming and helping celebrate our sweet girls blessing day. She was blessed in the dress that my mom hand sewed for me and my sister when we were babies. It's a very special dress in my family and it meant a lot that Mae could be blessed in it as well. As you can tell I love handing dome my things to Mae is just touches my heart every time!

I just love this photo of the three generations, and little Mae looks so sweet sleeping!

Above - Grandma Phillips
Below - Grandpa Murray

Above - Good ol' Rog!
Below - Friends and Family who came

Above - All the Phillips, thanks for traveling so far!
Below - my extended family

So special having the Law family with us, it doesn't happen often that my siblings can come all the way here to visit.

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