Thursday, July 11, 2013

Week 15 - Baby Phillips

Week 13: My belly started to really show this week, I think in 2 more weeks I will finally feel less chubby and more pregnant. My emotions went on a total roller coaster ride. I have cried almost every day this week usually about nothing big! This has lead to me being EXTREMELY exhausted, or maybe I am exhausted and thats why I can't control my emotions? One of them came first!

Week 14: Still extremely exhausted and emotional. I can barley eat without being really sick and then throwing up, can't seam to sleep much despite how tired I am. But after a visit with my midwife she recommend some natural things to pick up, within 24hrs I was feeling much better! Still really tired but welcome to pregnancy right? 

Feeling great {finally} and ready to start week 15 off with a bang! In 10 hours I am flying to Texas to go visit our favourite guy. It has been way to long since I saw my husband and cannot wait to spend time with him! Since he has literally been gone for the whole pregnancy we are doing a little baby bonding time and getting an ultra sound together while I am there. What's your guess, boy or girl!?

I don't think my belly has really grown much in the past two weeks but here it is!

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