Monday, July 22, 2013

Guide to Picking a Crib Mattress

I just purchase this same cool grey crib by baby mod. I am completely ecstatic about it, only $200 which for a grey crib is an amazing price and had such great reviews. Easiest nursery choice by far! What I wanted to touch on today was a harder choice, the mattress...

Most mothers know about SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) obviously a very serious subject that all expectant parents should know about. This is one reason why choosing a mattress can be so important, to help decrease this risk. I did some extensive research and thought I would sum up my findings.

Things to keep in mind when looking for a crib mattress:

Is it firm?
If you feels like a good amount of firmness for you then it is too soft, babies need a much firmer mattress then adults. You do not want the mattress to conform to the baby so that they can move if needed, for example if they roll into their face a firm mattress will give them something to push off of.

Types: Foam or Spring
As long as they are firm, both are great. Foam is a little lighter then spring mattress but I think this comes down to personal preference. In the USA spring is much more common.

Price Point
For Foam you want to stick at a higher price point above $90, most of the mattresses that are lower in price will be too soft. They can go up to $400 the reason for increases in price is usually due to organic or natural foam not necessarily because they are better.

For Spring mattress once again anywhere from $90-$200 is going to serve the babies needs. Remember that you do want a quality mattress especially if you are planning on using it for multiple children. I personally would recommend the covering being triple layered vinyl or cotton. Many of the think vinyl will dry, crack and tear.

How Heavy is it? How many layers does it have?
When choosing foam, the denser the better. Which means the heavier the better, this will keep a firmer surface for the baby.
When choosing spring the general rule is: the more layers, the better quality of those layers, the better the mattress. Also the quality will increase as the weight of the mattress increases. Always make sure they have border rods in the mattress so it won't sag.

Coil Count?
Dennis Schuets of Clgate Juvenile Products states, "About 135-150 is a good midrange."
Also consider a steel gauge of 15.5 or below.
Also make sure there is a good quality insular pad between the coil and the top of the mattress to avoid from the coil being felt through the mattress.

Top Cover?
You have two choices between vinyl or fabric. Fabric won't be waterproof which can be solved with a waterproof cover, which I will purchase no mater what. The fabric mattress's will breath better. 
If you choose vinyl like I said earlier make sure it is at least triple laminated layered, less will usually dry up and possible crack and tear. Also with vinyl if you want a mattress that is breathable you can choose one with ventilation holes.

Planning on using the mattress when they become a toddler?
Although this is not necessary because toddlers can sleep on the same firm infant mattress daul sided mattress are available with a softer side for when they are a toddler.

I apologize if that seams like so much information but I personally wanted to make sure I was making a very well educated choice when I go out to pick out our mattress. Hopefully this helped many of you do the same and happy baby shopping :)
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