Monday, May 7, 2012

Rare Friends

I'v started to realize how rare true friends really are. The kind of friend that will tell you when you out of line, when you're amazing, and when they ask how you are it is because that want to know the answer. I could probably count on one hand all the people who actually know how my life is right now and what were up to. It goes both ways, we have to be willing to open up which I usually never have a problem with. Especially being cooped up all day at home, going on week three of being sick.

I challenge you to speak with someone you care about and find out how they are ACTUALLY doing.
Or if you have a friend that you know has been struggling in the slightest way do something for them to help, or just to let them know you care.

These are the three people who keep me going everyday and no matter how grumpy or mean I get they are always their for me and I could never thank them enough. Makes my cry just thinking about them!
Yes I have many other wonderful friends who I love so much don't be offended :) I love you too

 My Mother who always does everything she can to help, love and support me

My Sister Ashley - We shared part of our wedding together and we still love each other need I say more?

And of course my husband who always love me even during one of my awful emotional 'drama queen feeling sorry for myself' episodes - There is no other man that could handle being married to me so gracefully like Taylor does

And were still madly deeply and passionately in love with each other after almost three years

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