Friday, May 4, 2012

DC Trip

We now live 30 minutes away from DC and it is very beautiful there. Everything is for free, all the museums and all the monuments. Food... not so much Taylor and I spent $16 on two hot dogs and a drink. What can I say we were hungry and they don't list prices so it's a fun surprise once they tell you your total!

If you ever go to DC and you want to visit everything I would suggest planning on a good solid 3 days 8:00 am - 5:30 pm there is really so much to do. But I will admit after so many monuments and american history they start to blend. 

This is the Old National Post Office

George Washington Monument

Smithsonian Castle (Don't let it trick you it only has a cafe inside - Don't visit unless hungry for overpriced food)

My two homes Canada and Idaho

The World War monument 

Good ol' Lincoln

We didn't go to half the stuff we wanted to and will have to go back another weekend. Also I came up with a sheet with all the free things with addresses, hours, and metro stops if you would like a copy comment with your email and I will send it your way.

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