Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rainy, down pour day

Nanny Martha,
Today I took some of "my kids" to school early this morning. Nathan was having a rough morning already by the time I got there, he is seven years old and the older kids kept teasing him. I held him back and gave him a huge hug and told him he was amazing and to not believe different. He smiled at me for the first time that morning and it warmed my heart.

Sometimes we all have one of those days.

When I am having one of those days I just want to scream it to the world. Nothing bad even happened today I'm just bugged about nothing or maybe everything, I don't know.

A bucket of ice cream, blankets, listening to the rain in the background and watching some TV shows sounds ultra good right now. But when it rains it pours, literally outside and in my life haha just admit it you think I'm funny :)

I am hoping that Laney & Hunter {"my" other kids} can cheer me up tonight. I have a feeling they will be afraid of the thunder while I stroll them back home. But then I can cuddle with Hunter and run away with Laney from the evil dragon that lives in the basement. I love being with such sweet souls who let their imaginations run wild. That love me no matter what my hair, or outfit looks like by the end of the day.

I challenge you to give someone in need a big hug, sometimes it makes all the difference
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