Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Virginia Apartment

I always try to take pictures of where I am living so my Mom can see and my best friend who always needs to know! NOT because it is cute or decorated of any sorts. We just moved across the country with only what fit in our back seat (which is hardly nothing). No vacuum, no microwave, no toaster, nothing really of our own! So here it is, this small apartment that might bankrupt us with hoe expensive Virginia is compared to Idaho.

But I'm here all day everyday so far doing homework so it feels like home-ish!

Our Bedroom

I made this to make it feel more like home since I LOVE pictures and all the memories. It is just braided hemp and cloth line pins.

Closet / Hallway into the Bathroom
I have actually really enjoyed this big closet and having direct access to the bathroom

Living Room


a.k.a  The One-Bum Kitchen

Yup it is that small. The fridge door doesn't even open all the way, and the dishwasher blocks everything! It is so small but luckily we didn't bring dishes and have pretty much nothing to fill it up with. If we had all our stuff with us we would be in trouble.

Laundry Room / Bathroom

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