Thursday, April 5, 2012

One of Those Days

 I had a sad realization early this morning so I crawled back in bed to take a nap and start the day over when I woke up. It worked, the day was going brilliant!

I am graduating with my Associates this weekend from BYU-Idaho class of 2012
I have worked really hard and kept my grades up really high. Needless to say I am proud of myself.

My day was going great until...  
Lately I have had a lot of people let me know exactly what they think about me graduating with my Associates. What if your husband dies? What if you get divorced? What will you do once you get bored? You're not going to get a career?

Well, I am proud to say I'm pretty sure I won't get bored! If I want something I find a way to get it. If I need to provide for my family one day I will find a way. I'v prayed and pondered a long time over these life changing decisions I have made lately and taken stoke of my life. I'v never been happier and I can't wait to start the new chapter in our lives this fall.

So after a month of people telling me how inadequate I was going to be we both did this!

And boy was it goooooood!

So my advice to everyone is; make decisions for your family and what is best for you! It is your life, you are the one that needs to enjoy it not others. And if someone doesn't ask for you opinion try to be open minded and not explode all your own philosophies of life on others.
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