Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{Teenage Weekend}

Taylor and I had what I felt was a teenage weekend! Taylor woke up and make us omelettes and sausages while we watched conference. Then we cuddled up and watched two hours of spiritual food. In-between sessions we ran some errands and did some chores the usual. During the afternoon session I sewed a car trash can (I'll post about that later) but it will be perfect for all our long drives we do. I love having a sewing machine and with school coming to an end finally finding some time to sew.

But then we went on a date into Idaho falls. We went to Stockman Steak House which Taylor has been wanting to go their for over a year. We both got out own meals (which is a big deal of us we even share when we eat fast food!) then we went to the sports store to check out the new manning gear.

Little Background: Taylor and I lived in Denver and went to our first NFL game and so part of our heart were with the Broncos. But... we were still die hard Manning Fans. But he just moved to the Broncos in Denver so now we have out favourite place and our favourite player. Needless to say the perfect team for us to dedicate following next season. The things we do for men we love!

So this is Manning's new Broncos Jersey and we love them!

We went to bed and after laying in bed for an hour and discovering we were both still awake we got up and watch you tube movies at about 12:30AM. (We've ruined our sleep schedule with finals) Around 1:30 I smelt smoke. So the logical thing to do would be to get dressed hop in our car and search for the fire. So that is exactly what we did.

After following some emergency vehicle out to the boonies of Rexburg's we found a fertilizer plant up in flames. But the the fertilizer part, it was probably the weirdest fire ever. But it was epic their was tons of flames, all of Rexburg's fire trucks were their and a lot of smoke! {No one got hurts and nothing actually got damaged other then fertilizer} At around 2:00 AM we crawled back into bed after our adventure.

Like I said it was a teenage weekend but it was so fun to be care free, act a little crazy, and laugh a lot. We both needed it, not to fail the tests tomorrow that we never studied for!
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