Saturday, July 31, 2010

Love at Last

Finally being with Taylor was, phenomenal. I could not stop smiling, and laughing, I was finally filled to the brim with happiness, something that is hard to feel when Taylor is missing. It was so amazing to finally be so happy. The morning after I got to Kansas City Taylor spoke in church. He spoke about family. Wow! Everyone afterwards told me how lucky I was to be engaged to a man like him - this is a true fact. The way Taylor spoke from the heart about family was amazing. He has such a strong testimony and seeing his spiritual side always reminds me of what an amazing man my future husband is!
We started out the fun with going out to a museum with glowing walls! Then we went to a field
with a bunch of fire flies. I had always wanted to see one, and finally got to see a fire fly past a pixar cartoon!

We also went out and sold! Another Wow moment for me. Taylor is just so amazing. I don't know how I can even fully express how many great husband qualities he has. We woke up at 8am to get ready for a team meeting, then drive out to the area by 10am. Then started selling. Its about 105'F or 40'C outside, along with the humidity level between 60%-80% depending on the time of day. Its so hot and humid outside that its hard to breath. You walk from door to door being rejected, ignored, listened to then rejected, or listened to then the wife says no. It is so hot out you feel you might just pass out, every inch of your body is covered in sweat. You get a 2 hour lunch and then end the day at 9pm. INSANE!! Taylor works so hard everyday for us, I don't know how he does it, but he does it for us!

Due to him working his butt off I decided I would get him a really great birthday present. I am obsessive about planning so I started while I was at school, and due to the fact that Taylor is nosy and almost ruined the surprise I gave it to him this week. I got him a couple ties, just because. But then the big gift came! I got us BYU Football tickets for the day after his birthday in October, along with matching Phillips sports shirts to wear. Note: sept 4th (94)
One of the funnest things we did while together (other then cuddling!) was go to worlds of fun. We rode roller coasters all night!! It was so fun. It was hot and sweaty, but so worth it. Taylor and I, loved riding the different roller coasters over and over.

Then we took a night out on the town! We pretended we were high rollers and went out to two fancy restaurants, Taylor in his new suit and me in my old homecoming dress. We started off by having dinner, the meal was delicious. Fried green tomatoes, black berries, chicken and veggies. Mmmmm so yummy. But the cool part is the place was also a store, filled with antiques shipped in from England and France.
The second place we went was on the top floor of a hotel and the floor rotated giving you a view of the whole city. Terrible desert and services, but great view!
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