Thursday, July 8, 2010

Three hundred and Sixty Five

365 is a pretty big number. 365 days, is one whole year!
Taylor and I, met in the football field at BYU-Idaho 365 days ago!
At first I thought he was old, and at first he thought I was older too!
Turns out we were both younger then we thought we were! Taylor was 22 and I was only 17. Both so young, and both looking for something; little did we know it was each other. Our date was supposed to be a movie, but it turned out to be two hours of non stop sparking conversation. We could not get enough of each other. We said goodnight, I went home to Canada and he went home to Colorado. But we wanted more of that night, so we talked every single night we could that summer.
The Fall came and we wanted to be with each other but due to the distance (Him: ID Me: UT) we continued to date other people for awhile. Then we finally decided there was no point in dating anyone else.
Winter came and we lived a block away and spent around 14 hours a day together! We fell madly in love and well you know the rest of the story!
Were now happily engaged a year later. Its been such an amazing year, we have learned so much about each other and so much about ourselves.
Taylor lives in Kansas now, he is working hard to support our soon to be little family; and I am in Idaho going to school. The time apart has been full of tears, wedding planning and long nights talking on the phone. We both desperately hate the time apart, but it has been good for us non the less.
I am so glad I could meet my best friend one year ago! :)

This is the spot we first met!
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