Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thank the heavens!

Taylor and I are getting married... which also means we are going to be happily broke together. But the broke part started to get a little more realistic when every job I applied for was either full or I did not qualify. I had one last interview this morning, for the Student Event Coordinator. A lofty goal, but my last chance. There was almost no way I would get the job of being in charge of all school events! So I got on my knees and prayed I would get the job this morning. Fifteen minutes later I got a phone call, a women had found my resume and was impressed with it. She wanted an interview with me in a month. I boldly told her that I would like to meet with her in an hour and hopefully she could tell me if I got a job today so I could start the paper work, this was risky but she accepted. I did my first interview, probably won't get a call back, then I went to my second interview. I GOT THE JOB!! I am so happy, Taylor and I can push our worries away. We both have jobs for the fall, and both have great schedules. I will now be the girl answering the phone when people call asking silly questions! Taylor thinks I got the job because I was wearing his favorite button up blouse, but I think it was the power of prayer.
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