Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Highlands Ranch, CO

Mother and I started our trip to Highlands Ranch, Colorado last thursday. The trip consisted of some shopping (colorado has some gooooood shopping!), sleeping, hot tubbing, but most of all bonding with my in-laws! We had a lot of fun. The only ones that could make it to the weekend were Edda(Sister-in-law-in-law, haha married to rex), Rex (brother-in-law), Anthony (KD's husband), KD (sister-in-law), Marti (sister-in-law), and Dixie (mother-in-law).

Dixie held a bridal shower for me and it was a totally blast! I hit the jack pot this weekend, I got to meet my awesome new family they were a kick and reminded me of how the rest of our family is so I felt like I fit in pretty good. I also got a lot of great gifts, all either from my registry or something that I would never want to return. Can't get much better then that. The Bridal shower was probably the funnest part of the weekend, it was so well prepared and fun creative games (and no chewing gum! Yes!).

They thought of ten reasons why I would want to marry Taylor! I could probably think of about 100, but they were pretty funny and cute. Some of them were:
He can set a pool on fire
You'll never have crooked picture frames
He will always honestly tell you if your outfit looks good or not
He knows a lot about hair products
and I am having a hard time remember the rest, sorry!

This was a game and a present everyone had to remember what was on my apron and then I got to keep everything! Very cute, and creative.
My Mother-in-law Dixie
My Beautiful ribbon bouquet! My new aunt Shellie made it for me!

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