Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Airport.. Ugh!

I got in my car and drove four hours to the airport and was on what I thought perfect timing. Well lucky me my flight was delayed, then delayed and then delayed again. It was delayed an hour... which meant I missed my next flight. I was stuck in Denver... I was exhausted, distraught, crying, crying more, and MAD! The airport got me a hotel and I left the next morning. I finally arrive in Kansas - Leaped into Taylor's arms and was sooo happy!! We were so happy to see each other that we forgot to get my bag but luckily we realized when we go the parking garage. So we went back up and waited, waited, and waited more... Then the belt stopped moving. My bag never came. They didn't send it on the flight! This was by far the worst luck I have ever had with a flight. My bag finally came two hours later.

- Martha
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