Thursday, June 3, 2010


Taylor and I were finally together and about to take us out to dinner, I was so excited to spend a night with my favorite man alive all alone! So we hoped in the car and he said we were going for a little drive first. I was totally okay with this because Kansas is covered in trees, fields, and pretty houses! So we pulled up to this field with an old barn in it!! I was so excited to hop out of the car and go check it all out. For those of you who don't know, I love antiques and old stuff so this old barn was amazing to me! Not just old!

Taylor pulls our his iPod and speakers and puts on some music and grabs me and starts dancing with me. Taylor is pretty romantic so his random slow dancing wasn't a shock. It was so nice to be away from him for so long and finally be so close in his arms slow dancing :) Then he tells me to close my eyes and old out my hands and he sets in my hands this...

A picture book from the beginning of our dating to the present. Underneath all the pictures he had the lyrics to our song. Vanilla Twilight by Owl City. Which was very fitting for our lives right now. It talks about how being apart is hard and we just want to be together! Then I got to the last page with this...

I had a flash of confusion - I couldn't remember when we took a picture that had a silhouette like this. Then I realized it wasn't us at all.. Then I realized the text. "Will You?" I had flashes of shock, fear and excitement. I slowly turned around to see Taylor down on his knee. I think I felt my heart drop into his stomach . "Martha Anne Bishop will you Marry me!?" One of the scariest, most exciting things Taylor has ever said to me. I stood there looking at my ring, mouth wide and said yes and continued to stand there is absolute shock! He then had to remind me he needed me hand!! Haha this is when I snapped out of it.

Although Taylor and I have already planned the wedding and set dates it was still so scary and so exciting. He did a good job at surprising me, I didn't see it coming right then. It was so amazing to finally have a ring that said to the world "I am undoubtedly taken!" and to the most amazing man! Taylor to this day never lets me down, and always knows how to make me smile. I hadn't seen him for a month which felt like ages. Being with him again was amazing. I couldn't doubt marry him for a second, he is so sweet, so kind, so selfless, so amazing, and has so many amazing husband qualities. He treats me like a princess even on days I seam like a witch! He is patient with me, thinks I am funny.. He is PERFECT for me!!

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