Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brad & Tilane Visit

Brad & Tilane had not got the chance to meet Taylor like the rest of the family so they took the time to stop in to Kansas on there way to Texas. It was so fun to see Brad & Tilane since I hadn't seen them since Christmas! But even more I was so happy that they were able to meet Taylor. So we started the day with lunch and then did a fun church history trip to Missouri.

We went to the R.L.D.S. Temple. This was VERY interesting. They changed there name to the Community of Christ. It was sad to see how much of the gospel that they were missing, all the covenants and the sacred parts of the temple were completely missing. But it was interesting to learn about it.

Then we got to go to Liberty Jail! It was very touching to hear all the stories about the prophets stay here. It helped the story become more real would you could hear the voices and have an image of what it was like right in front of you.

All in all we have a fun day with the Bishops :) We appreciated and loved seeing them so much. We got to bond and learn a lot about our religions, and the Community of Christ religion.

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