Sunday, March 2, 2014

Honest Company Price Match

I have had a lot of questions from friends about the Honest Diapers since my last post so I figured I would show you guys the prices that I figured out when purchasing a bundle.

If you use the link above you get $10 off your first purchase!
This post is just my view and opinion, not getting paid to say any of this; promise.

Price per diaper by size:

Newborn - $0.2027 
Size 1 - $0.2457
Size 2 - $0.2702
Size 3 - $0.3179

Per wipe - $0.0532

I compared these to the price of Huggies Natural Care:

Newborn - $0.2839 
Size 1 - $0.2839
Size 2 - $0.3123
Size 3 - $0.3288

Per wipe - $0.0267

So you can see that from the Huggies I found the honest company is a little cheaper. Both companies often have coupons as well. I don't have anything against Huggies it was just a popular brand I chose to compare it to. The Huggies wipes were cheaper but that doesn't phase me much since I usually only use 1 or 2 wipers when I change a diaper. I just want to share this great option with other mothers, I am always looking for healthier things for my baby and often they come at a higher price but the honest company had made it very affordable!

Other perks from ordering honest diapers:
Eco Friendly
Chemical Free
Adorable patterns (vain I know but so cute!)
Comes right to your door, with free shipping

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