Monday, May 13, 2013

First Ultrasound

My First Ultrasound soothed my soul. As you can imagine I have been pretty paranoid about this baby after our last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. But this time I have felt so looked after by my reproductive specialist. By Week 5.5 I had already been to the doctors four times to keep tabs on the baby and make sure everything was running smoothly. At 5 weeks and 5 days I had my first Ultrasound and sure enough there is a little tad pole in there growing crazy fast. The Doctors have been checking everything possible and say everything looks absolutely perfect so far, music to my hears!

Have I mentioned yet that I feel so extremely blessed. I know most people keep their pregnancy's a secret for much longer then I did but I can't help but share my all of my journeys with everyone. Life is about living and learning, and without others sharing their own stories I feel we would all learn a lot less. So join me in praying that this baby keeps growing happy and healthy! For now I am soaking up all this love I have for this tiny little white dot growing rapidly inside of me.


Gabrielle said...


I am a new follower to your blog!

Congrats! My husband and I are gonna be TTC here in the near future and I'm excited yet nervous...I'm excited to read about your journey!

Aurélie H said...

i'm so happy for you two !!! this baby is so lucky to have parents like the both of you. please keep us update during your pregnancy, I love to read about your adventures.
big kisses from France to Taylor, you and baby Phillips