Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes

I am getting to the awkward clothing phase. It's not a cute bump that I can be proud of, not even hardly, but it also isn't my normal flat stomach. Just this little pouch of giggly weirdness. Probably from all the carbs and noodles since anything other then carbs make me run for the hills.

Maternity Clothes - not so much
My normal clothes - not so much

Just this weird limbo of, "Hmmm Martha has put on a nice amount of weight in a quick two weeks." Everything seams to cling to this new little weird gut of mine...

Grow Bump. Just Grow, into round cuteness. Just not this!! Please not this!!


Tiffany said...

Hi Martha!! How could you possibly not be cute ;) so excited for you guys!

Christina said...

oooh my- I hated that stage. I remember being SO excited for when I could have a cute bump to show off!! The in-between bloated stage is no fun!