Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Way to many pictures... start now:

This was the view from the rooftop of our hotel

Our First day at the Beach we got to help release baby sea turtle into the ocean

They were so fuzzy and adorable

They are making their trek ready to start their lives (shortly some of them were eaten by a sea lion)

We visited the Flea Market a lot

A fancy dinner night out with virgin margaritas and all

Christmas tree's and Nativities everywhere in Cabo

Amazing scenery


Up high in the sky!
The Famous Arch in Cabo

A lot of swimming

Laying by the Beach

UNO - Probably one of my favourite things to unwind and relax

Right Chris has been on Taylor's Bucket list and I was so happy to finally eat their with him (Maybe next time we won't have to share)

Cuddling on the Beach at night - AMAZING!!

Yes this is a Lion

He kept sucking on both or our thumbs

And eating me!


Our last night we ate right on the beach

Had the most amazing handmade Tortillas I have ever had in my life

Mexican Christmas Tree
Needless to say - we had an amazing time. We only had two sunny days out of eight days we were there so no tans but also no burns my first vacation and no burn! It was so absolutely wonderful to just lay around and do whatever we wanted to do all day all week. Honeymoons are awesome! Vacations are awesome! And were in luck we leave for Mexico again in two days... But don't wish you were me I'll be studying and have tests when I get home so your probably still better to stay in your shoes for now haha 

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