Monday, January 30, 2012

EcoFirst Cruise - Ensenada, Mexico

First off; if anyone (or has sons ect.) that are looking for a summer job my husband is building a team for this summer to go out with EcoFirst Pest Control if you want more information you can comment with you emails and we can send it along your way. The Average first year rep sells 201 accounts and that comes out to about $25,000 in only four months. It has blessed our lives so much, we are currently putting ourselves through school with no loans I'm so proud of my husband.

Did I mention they also do really fun stuff like send us on free cruises! 
This was our second trip to Mexico in the last month and it was even colder this time - but time away was still so nice :)

Front of the Ship
Our EcoFirst Crew

The Famous Blowhole

Four wheeling on the beach - such a blast!

Taylor and I getting some sick air on the sand dunes

It was a very different aspect being on vacation with all my husband friends and work but it was very enjoyable. We did things we would have never done if we were on vacation alone, worth the 30 hour drive to hang out for three days on a cruise. Hanging out with all guys is just a blast sometimes!

We were very dirty after!

Formal Night
Love my Necklace - Find it here

Mini Put on the top of the ship

Wale Tail

The Boys on our team in Sacramento
The Center of the Ship

And of course you can't forget the classic towel Animals

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