Monday, October 17, 2011

The Prenatal Bucket List

As a wife I have had those, or the last whole month being baby hungry but thankfully I have come to my senses again and remembered I have so much more I want to do with my husband while we have more freedom! I found this Prenatal bucket lists on and thought it was really cut and a good idea. I modified it a bit for my lifestyle. A lot of these we have done but others I would like to do more of like vacation!

1. Take an adventure vacation - Going in December :)
2. Go to the theatre - Going this month!
3. Get Fit - Always a battle
4. Cancel Netflix and go out more - Did that yesterday (the instant anyway)
5. Volunteer Abroad - Ecuador
6. Utilize your extra bedroom - Wish we had one
7. Spend quality time with friends
8. Eat forbidden foods - Sushi, cookie dough
9. Buy a really nice camera
10. Graduate from University

So far off this list I need to graduate, go on vacation more, and spend quality time with friends and of course try to get skinny but lets be honest when is that ever "done"!
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