Sunday, July 3, 2011

Date Night - With a Big Surprise, And a Sweetie Pie Husband

Things to know before I tell this cute story, Taylor and I were set up on a blind date where we went to the drive-in theatre. Also right after Taylor proposed to me a year ago he took me to P.F. Changs for dinner.

These past two weeks I have worked over 100 hours, plus my online class, plus cooking and my brains wanted to explode. So Taylor took me on a date, without the team and without the guys which is a big treat for saturday since we usually have team things planned.

He took me to P.F. Changs and we sat down and started talking about how every time we come to P.F. Changs its usually for something special, but tonight we didn't plan anything special just dinner and a movie. So Taylor went on about all the special dinners we have had there together and then he pules out a diamond ring! I was in shock and almost choked on my food. I got all teary eye and hugged him. I took my engagement ring off so he could put my brand new sparkly diamond wedding band on. I was so happy, no more people asking me when my wedding is!

Then we went to the drive-in theatre where we ended our night playing cards while waiting for the movie! It was seriously one of the best dates we have probably every had, I have tons of bling on my finger now and am in love with my wedding band. I love that my finger says I am married now!


Ah I just LOVE it!!

I am just completely thrilled with it. My Husband is so wonderful for spoiling me like this, just went out and bought it that morning and planned us an amazing date. So sweet, Thank You Honey!!
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