Sunday, May 22, 2011

We Treasure the Weekends

I thought after writing a sad post I would write a happy one. Don't worry we are still having fun on the weekends, the weeks just seam never ending! Last weekend we went to a Circus de Soleil show. I wore heels and we got all dressed up and went out, it was a ton of fun and what an amazing show. Taylor and I love Circus de Soleil, this is our fourth show we have been to since we got married! We like to spoil ourselves you're only young, married and with no kids once right!

This weekend we had a pool party, and I was in search of a cute modest swimsuit a couple of months ago and I found one at and love it! I usually am not a lover of pool parties but we had a lot of fun last night! We had a BBQ, hot tub, and swimming. It was fun to hang out with all the guys and married couples on the team and celebrate two of their birthdays.

We got really close with our team hanging out this weekend, in more than one way! This is 17 of us all in the hot tub. We really do have such an amazing team, all of the boys are really mature, some fun couples and not to mention we are the 1# team in the company. They make me proud everyday out there selling in the heat.

This is my brave moment of letting Travis and Adam launch me into the air, right after this picture I hit the water hard, and the try before this I hit the bottom of the pool head first haha! I didn't try again after this!

This is Taylor looking way cooler then me and doing a back flip successfully!

Then today Taylor and I taught Primary at church, we had the 9-10 year olds as a joint class today and they were pretty cute! And surprisingly reverent, and we will be doing it again next Sunday its nice to teach together and get that extra hour together singing primary songs :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoys their sunday as much we do at the Phillips. Saturday nights and Sundays are our treasured moments here. Also if you remember pray for Taylor and I, he has to take a test for work and if he fails he could end up moving to Seattle, and I have a test for school if I fail, well nothing bad happens other then that I fail.

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