Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Canadian Weekend

After a long summer on being in away from my summer, We flew to Montana to meet my family at our Cabin! I really just have a bunch of pictures to share :)

Kayaking during Sunset with my Husband! It felt like a dream to be with him during the day apposed to just when we were sleeping, spending time together awake is much more fun. It was only 3 days but I was so giddy to be with him again :) (Note our Shed under water, and if you can see me I am above our deck. Needless to say the water rose!)

Like I said I was a little happy to be with my Man

Sweet little Isaac and my Grandmother who turned 90 this year, and we went swimming together! What a Women!

My favourite part of the Lake. SURFING!

This was the part of the trip where we had to say goodbye to Tay and Hello to Canmore!

My little Nephew Oliver who I just fell in love with when I met him. I held him for as many hours as possible every day! Although my family can drive my crazy (who's doesn't) I love being with them and had such a wonderful time :)

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