Saturday, May 21, 2011


Well, I guess I owe all those who used to come to my blog for crafting ideas or any such things an apology.  I miss being creative and full of ideas and then the time to carry them out. But sadly I am now in a place in my life where that doesn't seam possible at the moment. As you know we have moved to California and as if school didn't dampen my craftiness enough, the move has seemed to put that flame right out for the time being.

You remember those summers when you were in grade school and you had no responsibility just long weeks at the lake enjoying boating and suntanning, staying out all day and night with friends. Well I do, but then I grew up and I don't think I will ever have a summer even close to that ever again in my life! I had a silly dream living in Cali would be like the American dream, sun, relaxing, all the good stuff you see on movies about the people that live in Cali minus the Drama. Oh how I was foolish to even think that for a second!

Our new life here is driven by work, work, work no time for fun or play but a little Saturday night window which usually ends up hanging out with "The Team" or alone time with my husband which every second counts now! Needless to say life is different here. I didn't even get to bring all my craft boxes with me since we only brought what could fit in our little four door car. Not to mention I have a lot of clothes and shoes I had to bring instead hehe. But I'll update you on our lives for those of you who want to know! We are living in California now, it is a different world here. I have almost got scammed two times already and we have only been here for a little over three weeks.

Taylor works 13 hours days on average and I have a full time job as a Customer Service Loyalty Specialist (in other words a glorified office assistant.) Along with my part time job at the Gap, and my other part time job as a Stella & Dot stylist; along with taking an online class from school. Can you say busy? Three nights a week I also cook dinner for a friend who pays me for my services. Our apartment is also the office which means for about three to four hours a day I have fifteen (loud) boys in my living room and kitchen.

Hopefully once I move back to Idaho I will find that creative spot again in my life and let it flourish like I did last fall. I dream of the day when we move back to Idaho. Never thought I would say that! But it is the truth. Life is a lot more cheaper and similar there. California is not budget friendly in the least!
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