Monday, October 25, 2010

Tay's Birthday

My Husband is one year older!! Yay! This means, lots of fun!

Taylor and I empty our change ever couple of day into our change jar, so we dumped it all out and picked out all the quarters!

Here we are with our baggie of quarter and about to go to the arcade! This was his request for the activity for this birthday, so cute! I had never been to one so I was ready for a nerdy lame arcade night... little did I know I would have a blast!

I found the dance dance machine! I was SO happy! Taylor was not to thrilled about it, but after a couple rounds we were both sweating and our feet hurt and we didn't want to stop. We blew half our budget here!

Then racing! This was not as fun, but still way cool, the bikes moved! Ah it was so fun seeing him loving it and me having a blast and feeling like I was living an adventure I should have had when I was five!

Nasty picture but Taylor says he likes it so since it's his birthday so here it is! Shooting games!

Then for his birthday present, I bought us football tickets! I had never been to a game and he was dying to go, the morning of it looked pretty cold. Little did we know it was going to rain cats and dogs! We were drenched, cold and wet wet wet! But Taylor was yelling and jumping and I couldn't help but enjoy it. I was miserably wet but how can you not love it when your husband has a perma smile on! I love birthdays!

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