Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I eat my feelings

I had a bad day. Yes, I know its only 2:50 but I have already had a bad day. I cried between a lot of phone calls at work today, exhausted, emotional, but why do I keep crying?
My mom, I miss my mom. She laughs at all my jokes and she thinks I'm pretty great when really she's the great one. She did make me! So I called her and cried. Then I came home to my cute husband and cried, he then attacked me and tickled me till I said I was happy. But I still needed something...


Chocolate Almond.

Chocolate Almond Mouse..

Thaw Cool Whip for 15 min

Melt a Almond Hersey chocolate bar.

Let the Hersey bar cool down for about 10 min, add into cold cool whip and stir. This will make the chocolate harden while stirring creating little pieces of chocolate throughout.

If your day was really bad, melt some extra chocolate chips... I went a little over board!!

Repeat and stir if you chose to do extra chocolate. Then put it in the freeze for one hour and dish up this rich sweet treat. You will only want to eat a little so it goes a long way, it's so easy and so yummy!

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