Monday, November 3, 2014

Mae's First Halloween

If you are looking for a photographer in Utah I would highly suggest Paxel Pics Photography she does some wonderful work, always has props and her prices are amazing.

But back to halloween...

I usually don't like this holiday. Even as a kid I didn't like dressing up, I always just wanted to be me. I remember being teased for not dressing up some years. This year I had no intentions of dressing up and didn't have a costume for Mae either. But last minute I decided it would be really fun to dress up together. $3 and 30 min later I had kitty cat costume ready for Mae and I and I have to admit I kind of love how they turned out. Simple, cheap and cute!

When Mae first saw me as a cat she bawled her face off and screamed and screamed until thankfully Taylor came home and helped her realize I was indeed still her mother and not a scary cat. We went to my husbands work party and ate lots of food and had fun playing with Mae crawl around and enjoying family time together.

Here are some photos that Pax took of us.

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