Sunday, November 2, 2014

10 Months

This little girl is getting so hard to catch on camera these days. As shown in the photos crawling away as fast as she can!

I cannot believe my baby girl is already 10 months which means she is almost 1 years old. How did this happen!?

Mae has started copying noises and sounds we make to her. It is so fun to watch this little person interact with us. She loves to use her hand to make "blurble burble" noises. 
She loves when we hide under blankets, she always squeals and claps her hands. Clapping her hands is also a new talent of hers.
She is going through a little phase where she actually likes to cuddle every so often, not a ton but there are moments and boy are they magical! 
She loves to give me kisses, big wet messy ones that last for an awkward amount of time and I love almost every second of them haha. 
She still loves shoes, baby shoes, dad's shoes, but especially leather shoes. 
She is getting so good at walking around holding onto chairs or furniture, sadly it won't be long until she's walking I'm sure.
She still loves to be swaddled when she sleeps!

She is still just the sweetest girl!

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