Sunday, October 20, 2013

Canadian Thanksgiving

First Canadian thanksgiving since I was 16 years old, wow thats been a long time. It is always so hard to go since we don't get any school or work off for Canadian Holidays but now that we have big kid jobs it's easier to just request time off and leave.

It was so amazing to be with them again, I love Canada and I love my family. We laughed so much together!

We got a little crazy at night but boy did we have fun. My Dad, two pregnant sisters and two other sister all in the same photo booth - now that was a tight fit haha

Love this Handsome Man! Couldn't do any of this without him.

My Dad roasted a whole entire pig, apple in its mouth and all! Go big or go home right?

I can't even express how big of a blessing my sister Ashley is in my life. We did a joint wedding reception and now we are also sharing being pregnant together. Exactly 4 weeks apart! So crazy but it has been so wonderful to have my best friend literally going through the same things as me almost week by week. She is such a good listener and support to me. Pregnancy is HARD but she helps make it a littler easier :D

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