Monday, June 24, 2013

Texas + Vegas

Who needs to be home anyway? I have been going from place to place these past couple of weeks. And I have loved it, I cry everytime I have to fly back to Utah. I will feel much different once my husband is living here!

Picnic in the Park
A week ago I was in Texas visiting the Hubby again. I spent a whole 10 days there... a glorious 10 days! That man makes me so happy and there is just nothing that can replace that joy in my life.

We went to some pretty Gardens for a Sunday walk and that is what these two photos are from. I think I am a little over 10 weeks pregnant in the photo below and hiding it rather well :)

Then I went off on a Daddy Daughter trip to Las Vegas! Since I was little I would always have designated Daddy Daughter dates with him, and I felt like I needed one last one before this baby came. I also love spending time with him, he is so care free and he enjoyed ever second of our trip.

This was the view from out hotel! We stayed right on the strip which I haven't done before and it was great.

Below is us at the Celine Dion Show. First of all I used to play he CD on repeat when I was around 10 years old and I loved her! But her show was stunning, amazing, I was almost in tears. It was the one of the greatest show's I have ever seen. She is so down to earth, sexy, funny, brilliant, I just love her!

Not to mention the appearance of my bump this week! Below I am just over 12 weeks along. This dress didn't hide a thing it was fun trying to just rock this new addition.

I love the water show, it never gets old for me.

We went up the Eiffel Tower and got a good view of Las Vegas, not too much to see during the day other then building and desert. 

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