Friday, June 28, 2013

1st Trimester

I am so glad the first trimester is over. It means a lot of things for me:
- Taylor is closer to coming home
- My belly will start looking a little cuter instead of blah
- I am officially out of the red zone for miscarriage
- My aversion to food will hopefully end soon

Two Quotes from my sisters I love:
"Get ready for Survival mode"
"The First Trimester should come with a Private Cook"

Photos from the beginning
Just found out, Four Weeks, and Nine Weeks

This is from today! Finally hitting my second trimester and starting to look more pregnant everyday :)

Just looking at the photo above I'm having one of those, this is actually for real... There is a baby is there! I have been so busy trying to survive each day I sometimes forget the reality of the little guy growing inside me.

How far along are you? 13 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Started wearing one pair of pants around 10 weeks for comfort, by 12 weeks I was miserable in regular pants. I LOVE Maternity Pants!

Sleep: Bathroom Break and Water breaks at least 2 times a night

Best moments: Hearing the heart beat at 6 weeks, Taylor seeing my belly for the first time when I visited him. He insist on talking to the baby whenever I'm in pain and sick!

Missing anything? Mountain Dew, feeling not sick!

Movement? No
I swear I have felt a couple of fluttery things but I am almost positive it's not from baby

Food Cravings: Each week is different
During 7/8 Weeks I loved Ramen
During 9 Weeks I loved Avacado
During 10/11 Weeks I loved Sushi (I ordered cooked of course)
Frosted Flakes has been a staple the whole trimester
I'm almost addicted to dairy it helps sooth my stomach when I feel sick

Queasy or Sick? It never ends! 

Gender Prediction: I want a Girl, Taylor wants a Boy!
I am feeling more and more like it is going to be a boy but Taylor always calls the babe a HE so that might be why too!
{ Cliche I know - We will both be thrilled either way }

Symptoms: My stomach is a pool of acid 24/7
Each week was always different, but I have a really hard time eating most veggies, and I can't cook meat for the life of me. Or really cook anything for that matter.
I had extremely bad pains for the first couple of weeks, they continue but not as bad as in the beginning.
And of course the extreme exhaustion
Sleepless tight just started last week, can't seam to get comfortable lately
And Acne!

Belly Button in or Out? In

Happy or Moody? I try to be Happy, but it has been very hard being sick and living alone

Looking Forward to: Finding out the Gender
Visiting my family in August
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