Monday, December 5, 2011

American Thanksgiving

This was my first thanksgiving with the in-laws and probably my first "real" thanksgiving since I moved here. Its been three seasons since I'v been without my family and I cannot wait to go back to Canada for thanksgiving again someday (not because I didn't have a blast with everyone here!).

We had a huge dinner with all the family and it was really fun to see all the Phillips again. Then later that day we played some rock band in Rex's new home theatre! And of course some black friday shopping I have never been and it wasn't that scary we found some good deals and the outlets were empty we found some great designer finds for cheap!

I also learned a new family game called Hand and Foot which I can't wait to play again it was so much fun :) Phillips clan thanks for making my thanksgiving awesome I really felt like I fit in with all you crazy loons!

We played some headbands and Taylor was a Hippo and I was a Shoe which everyone said was very fitting!

We deep fried some turkeys. Yes, we deep fried them I'm serious! It was yummy too :)

We had some purple cauliflower?

And Family Photos - Funny we all ended up wearing blue how convenient

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