Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Feet in the Sand

Minutes after I was approved for my Greencard we hopped in the car and drove for fourteen hours to Newport Beach, CA! I have only been there once but I love it there, such a nice beach view. So sorry but this will be a picture happy post because I liked them all too much!

Taylor and I on the Newport Beach Pier

At the beach, getting burned and dying of heat in my jeans and wool vest!
The hot sand felt so amazing compared to getting snow in my shoes at home

Then had a nice ride on the Farris Wheel!

The view and warm air blowing was so relaxing

Then with the rest of the Phillips Family, we went to Disney Land. I was having so much fun I was so sad when we had to leave hours earlier then everyone else because I had a presentation at school to get back to. It was my first time and I am looking forward to going back because I missed way too many rides!

It was fun seeing where my husband grew up and to have a nice vacation from the cold

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