Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Interview

We had a very exciting couple of days a week ago.

We drove to Boise, Idaho to go to our interview at Homeland Security. We had to have all our things scanned, walk through a medal detector. It was like a mini airport security. I am sure everyone has seen 'The Proposal' where they have to be interviewed. Well, this is what we did, minus the part about the sham marriage and lying! 

We sat down and she asked us our names, birthday, place of birth, parents names, and some other things to quiz us. Asked us how we met, where, and when we were married. Then after them saying we would have to put my application on hold a little miracle happened, they changed their minds and said...

I have been cleared for a Greencard, after more then nine months of paper work and waiting, along with lots of money spent on it we finally have success. This means I can go home to Canada whenever I want, work where ever I want, and live legally in the United States of America. Hopefully just long enough to convince my husband he wants to move to Canada! :)

Oh and I almost forgot... I'm officially Martha Phillips. Many of you wouldn't know this, but I still went by my maiden name because I had to have Homeland security change it for me and its official so its weird having a different name now, but exciting to finally share a name with Tay.

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