Friday, January 28, 2011


So much school, so little fun!
There is not enough excuses for how terrible my blogging skills have been since I started school again. I am taking 6 university classes, and working, as well as homework, time to relax so I don't go insane, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, immigration! The list never stops, I dream about homework, I dream about work... correction. I have nightmares about homework and work! Needless to say I have not found it in my time bank to do anything cute, or worthwhile to blog about. But my goal this weekend is to do just that. Between my saturday class, dinner, homework, a test, and a talk in church hopefully I can find some time! 

Once again, I apologize! 

One little tid bit from my day is that I started the morning off by teaching a Yoga class for my Health Communications project. I have learned so much about yoga and how amazing it is for you body! The class went really well so I am crossing my fingers all my hard work got me a good grade. I would encourage all of you to consider doing some sort of Yoga through out your busy weeks. I have been doing it and it's amazing how relaxed and ready to face the day it gets me!
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